Our Story

It all started as a kind of adventure. We both lived in Vienna for the past 20 years. After studying, we worked several years in the field of marketing and sales but we
both are not the biggest fans of white-collar career paths. The idea of creating our own product, our own brand, has always inspired us. To escape from daily routine, create a brand that fully reflects us. This was the driving force behind us as we embarked on this road.

We like being home and love interior design, which is minimalistic but also aesthetic. We have incorporated these components into our products with great attention to detail, this is how Shanti was born.

For us, Shanti means the power of inner peace, which helps us to create a balanced, simple life. We did a lot of testing and experimenting to find the best material mixes and perfect designs. All products are self-designed and handmade. Each of them has a special name and a little story behind it, that is related to the harmony we achieved through joy, peace, and love.

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